Dataverna SA:

Datacenter Bodio


Fibre Optic Network.

Dataverna SA, a Swiss company based in Bellinzona focusing on data security

and data transmission.

Datacenter Bodio

Dark Fibre Network in the

Gotthard massif

Exclusive Building Rights for TIER3+ (4'500m²).


High Reliability thanks to own fibre optic network.


Commissioning Early 2022.



Dataverna SA owns the exclusive and sole rights for the transmission of its fibre optic network, measuring over 60 km long, through the Gotthard Railway Tunnel. 864 cables are operational and ready for use!


Direct link to Datacenter Bodio.


Shortest connection between Milan und Zurich.


Fibre Optic Network

Connection through

the Gotthard massif.

Looking to increase your network capacity?

Dataverna SA can meet your needs. We have 864 cables installed through the Gotthard tunnel guaranteeing the shortest north /south axis route, safely secured from external threats while still being connected to the world.


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Dataverna SA

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Dataverna SA

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Dataverna SA

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